Barry Dagestino

Barry Dagestino has been in the content licensing business for over 20 years.  He holds the rare distinction with tremendous experience on both the “licensor” and “licensee” sides of the business.  He started as an account executive at Film Bank, one of the largest independent stock footage companies in the country, and within a few years was promoted to regional manager over sales and operations.  Barry stayed through its many incarnations –Sekani, and eventually Corbis -  where he bacame West Coast representative for Corbis Rights Clearance.  In 2005, Barry was recruited by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Director of Clip & Still Licensing.  After six years of studio licensing with MGM, Barry started with the boutique footage start-up, GreenScreen Animals. Soon after, that launch, he moved on to Prometheus Entertianment, where he supervises research and clearance for such shows as History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, as well as providing talent clearance assistance to several AMPAS exhibits annually.  With his multi-faceted background in stock footage, studio content, and talent and music clearance, Barry is a content renaissance man.