Dominic Dare

Native Brit Dominic Dare has been at the forefront of the international stock footage business for over 20 years. Most in the industry know him for his integral part in transforming London's International Television News archive (ITN) into an international behemoth, eventually relocating to the United States in the early 1990s where he created and led their entire North American outlet.  Focusing primarily on network-level deals for stock footage, ITN Source gradually became a powerhouse in the clip content world with exclusive contracts for ITV clips, Reuters and Fox News, amongst others.  In 2010, looking for a new challenge, Dominic co-founded Strawberry Media which has now created an online video distribution network for Fortune 500 companies.  He also launched Strawberry Rescue, which develops rapid delivery of content to first responders in emergency situations.  In 2012, Dominic was hired by Zodiak Media to launch an archive outlet for the thousands of hours of their produced content.  Earlier this year, he and his London partner, Sandra Coehlo, left Zodiak to form their own unique transcontinental clip agency -- LoLA Clips -- Sandra remaining in London, and Dominic staying in Los Angeles.    

Dominic lives in Santa Monica.