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Become a Member of AMCUP!  

When we launched our linkedin group about a year ago, the response was overwhelming. Footage requests came from all over the world, and we hosted discussions about the pet peeves from both content users and content provider standpoints.  As of today, the site boasts nearly one thousand members, who desire local events, an interactive website, and a worldwide presence in the international third-party content world.

AMCUP was largely founded for the purpose of including as many industry professionals of our genre as possible, so there are no specific membership requirements. Members do not need references nor proof of prior experience. That’s the point: More members means more in the mix, which means more creative choices producers are given – and more opportunities for content providers to generate revenue.

Because of our emphasis on the individual, memberships are only offered per person ($55 per year). Corporate memberships are not available. However, if your company has multiple interested members, contact Barry Dagestino to see if you qualify for a group discount.

Also, if you have recently suffered unemployment or are experiencing other financial hardships, please contact Barry about a scholarship. We need your input and your involvement in this organization much more than we need your fees.  Let AMCUP assist you in networking, as well as sharpening your skill sets through our events and workshops.

An annual membership includes:

  • Access to, and inclusion in, our password-protected member directory of "Users" and "Providers"
  • Admission to at least 2-3 local association events and workshops per year 
  • Ability to search for footage from our unique, diverse group of international content providers
  • Ability to respond to footage requests from a diverse group of international content users
  • Updates regarding job leads, but more importantly - information about new projects in development
  • Appearance in the "Member Spotlight" section, with photo, contact info and brief description
  • "Footage Find" Profile: Each member can offer a hyperlink to their latest find, along with contact info 

After registering, you will be given access to the password-protected directory and footage request sections. You can then submit a photograph (optional), as well as some general information for the database -- preferred contact (email / phone) current employment / business, as well as any links to websites or personal imdb or linkedin pages. 

AMCUP is not in the business of policing the behavior of its members and its specific interactions with each other.  However, spamming and unsolicited sales pitches are not tolerated and are cause for immediate membership cancellation.

Also, it could take up to 24-48 hours for your personal information to populate into our membership database after registering and submitting necessary information.  Thank you for your patience!